Renewal Group Checklist

Thank you for choosing to renew your benefits with Franchise Benefit Solutions. Below you will find a helpful checklist that will help you be prepared for your Renewal Open Enrollment.

Step Number Title Details Due Date
Step 1 Renewal Acceptance Form Due This item you have already completed – congratulations, one step down! If you are seeing this page, you have successfully submitted your renewal choices. Do you have questions regarding your choices? Click   to speak with our renewal team. Completed
Step 2 Sign Up for Renewal Webinar We understand that there might be nuances and new features to understand with the evolving benefits landscape. That’s why we’ve designed the “Renewal Enrollment 101: Unveiling Plan Changes & Updates for 2024” webinar. This session will provide you with a holistic understanding of what to expect and how to make the most out of your renewed coverage.

Webinar Dates & Times:

📅 November 9, 11am ET – RSVP Here
📅 November 14, 1:30pm ET – RSVP Here

November 9, 2023
Step 3 Confirm Employee Roster Please confirm that your employee roster is accurate within Ease. This includes any additions or terminations of employees. If you need assistance with the addition or termination process, please refer to our Active Client Management Portal. November 20, 2023
Step 4 Renewal Enrollment Begins Your group will be eligible to make changes to their coverage beginning November 27, 2023 and will have until 11:59 PM ET on December 8 to enroll in benefits. Employees will receive a welcome email on the morning of November 27. If employees do not receive an email, they may log into their Ease portal with their existing credentials to begin the enrollment. November 27 2023
Step 5 Renewal Enrollment Closed Your group renewal enrollment has now closed; our office and our carrier partners will now begin enrolling your employees in their benefits. Employees will be able to find all temporary ID Cards inside their Documents folder in their Ease portal. December 8, 2023

Please note that if employees do not make changes to their elections, the elections will roll over to 2024.