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In uncertain times, flexibility of HRAs help employers maintain benefits

Companies across the country are reeling in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak — a tragedy that has claimed lives and turned life upside down. To mediate the financial loss and brace for further instability, many employers are looking to tighten their financial belts when it comes to benefits. Under normal circumstances, the familiarity of […]

New Voya initiative helps employers navigate the complex leave landscape

Voya Financial’s employee benefits business has started a new leave management offering that aims to deliver employers a fully integrated service that makes the process of managing paid time off for their workforce easier, while also providing their employees with a high-touch, proactive service experience. “The leave landscape has always been relatively complex for our […]

Employers struggle to balance helping employees and their bottom line

As if managing ever-increasing benefits costs while creating a competitive benefits package and producing an effective annual enrollment isn’t a big enough task for most employers, here comes the coronavirus with a whole new set of challenges. How can you continue to protect your most valuable resource — your employees — if your business is […]

Strategies for addressing common workplace complaints

Managing their company’s public reputation while meeting the needs of their employees is a critical function for HR executives. The number one complaint from employees on the page of the worst-rated company on Glassdoor in 2018 was a lack of work-life balance. You can imagine how this can damage a company’s reputation, and with it […]

To restart business, protect workers

States that are reopening their economies even as cases of COVID-19 are still rising are threatening their own residents and the whole country. But they are also running into two challenges that all states will face: Employees don’t want to return to work if they fear exposure to coronavirus on the job, and employers don’t […]

What employers can learn from the essential workforce

Essential employees are fearful of contracting COVID-19 while at work, so why would nonessential workers consider returning to the office? It’s a question that employers need to be addressing to ensure the safety of their workforce, according to a recent employer survey by Mercer. The pandemic has hit industries like retail and wholesale, manufacturing and […]

How voluntary benefits can address the financial hardship of coronavirus

There’s certainly nothing new about the fact that employees experience financial stress. Bills stack up, unexpected expenses inevitably pile on and the great cycle of money worries continues ad infinitum. But what is new? A global pandemic that has brought an unprecedented, unexpected rainy day to all of our budgets. Those who weren’t already living […]

Is it time to offer all employees same-day pay?

Getting paid after every workday could help ease financial strain brought on during coronavirus, and benefit provider DailyPay is advocating that more employers implement this practice. The same-day pay benefit provider conducted a survey of its users to determine how their platform is affecting workers during the coronavirus pandemic. More than 90% of those surveyed […]

How major life events can affect your health insurance planning

Sometimes you know ahead of time that a major event will happen in your life. Examples might include getting married or divorced, changing jobs or having a baby. Other times, such as at a death, you may not have advance warning. Either way, you’ll have a lot to think about. One thing to keep in […]