Author: Michael Rubenstein

What employers and employees need to know about leave policies before reopening

Employers could find themselves deep in litigation for refusing to let some employees stay home once coronavirus shelter-in-place orders are lifted. That was a key takeaway of a webinar conducted by legal and disability experts from MetLife. The presentation, hosted by the Disability Management Employer Coalition, explored how existing disability laws and the recently passed […]

Coronavirus pandemic proves the need for on-demand wage options

COVID-19 is going to cause fundamental change in terms of our health and public behavior, but also in the very fundamentals of how people live and work. The $2 trillion federal stimulus package — the largest single economic intervention in world history — underscores exactly how critical it is for individuals and families to be […]

Caregiver programs may become the most in-demand benefits of 2020

The number of employees shouldering caregiver responsibilities has been rising, even before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey by Northeast Business Group on Health. Now, more than ever, employers need to be prioritizing benefits to fit the needs of these employees. “The challenges for employee-caregivers have increased exponentially as a result […]

How internships are adapting to the pandemic’s wrath

Some 22 million Americans filed for unemployment in the past month as businesses shut down to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. But internship programs, a key source of future employees for big companies, have proven surprisingly immune to the economic devastation. While Wall Street’s biggest names have delayed, shortened or made virtual their paid summer programs, they […]

A second child care crisis is coming, employers will need to address it

Americans knew child care was important before the outbreak of COVID-19, but there’s nothing like a sticky-fingered child tapping on your keyboard during a Zoom to prove just how important it is. This crisis has demonstrated how incompatible the American workday is with raising children. Productivity is at a low for nearly all parents, and […]

Partnership seeks to streamline pre-employment process

Mindful that technology is revolutionizing background checks and drug testing of new hires, two industry players recently teamed up to meet growing demand for quality screening of employees and contractors in a more seamless manner. SmartRecruiters’ Fortune 500 clientele will be able to use Checkr’s services to automatically initiate pre-employment screenings alongside an offer letter. […]

Carriers adapt workplace benefits to help employees affected by coronavirus

Many companies have reduced hours, or laid off or furloughed their employees to mitigate the loss of income amid the coronavirus pandemic. This does not only affect employees’ paychecks, but also their insurance benefits. A large majority of carriers are making exceptions to their usual method of determining benefit eligibility in order to extend coverage […]

Using telehealth to respond to coronavirus concerns

Telehealth, by all accounts, will likely play a major role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The remote provision of clinical services via telecommunications technology, telehealth may help to meet the need for both expanded healthcare resources and for avoidance of in-person contact that may promote disease transmission. In light of COVID-19, regulations restricting telehealth […]

9 guidelines for working remotely as coronavirus disruptions continue

While working remotely isn’t a new topic by any means, many insurance agencies are being thrown into it quickly amid the COVID-19 pandemic. What we’re currently experiencing across industries is a forced work-from-home experiment. Businesses will be tested in their ability to maintain normal productivity levels; insurance agencies will be especially tested in their ability […]