MEC Plus Medical Plan

Medical IconWelcome to Franchise Benefit Solutions

We offer an exclusive MEC Plus medical plan that costs significantly less than traditional medical insurance and is a low-cost solution for many employers.


We know your franchisees are tired of overpaying for medical insurance, but need an ACA compliant plan—so we created this inexpensive medical plan to meet their needs. Wellness and preventive services are covered at 100% with a $0 copay. Sick services, including coverage for primary care physicians, specialists, urgent care, and the emergency room, have extremely low co-pays. Telehealth access is provided at no additional cost.

Our plan uses the Multi-Plan PHCS Network and is a national network with some of the largest discounts available. Contact us today to find out more about plan specifics and pricing.



Plan Features

  • Covers wellness and preventive services at 100%
  • Guaranteed issue (no medical questions)
  • No waiting periods
  • No participation requirements
  • No employer contribution
  • Exclusive rates are same for all 50 states


Benefits MEC Plus
Preventive / Wellness Services Covered 100%
Telehealth Program Included
Primary Care Visits $15 copay
Specialist Visits $15 copay
Urgent Care $50 copay
Laboratory Services $50 copay
X-Rays $50 copay
Generic Prescription Drugs $5 copay