Group Enrollment Kickoff Information

Welcome to Franchise Benefit Solutions. As a new client to Franchise Benefit Solutions, we encourage you to review in detail all the information below. Please bookmark this page for your future reference. We are thrilled to be the benefits provider to help you maximize your business potential. In the event of questions at any point, please feel free to reach out to our administrative services team.


Franchise Benefit Solutions utilizes Ease as our Benefits Administration Partner. Ease allows employers to manage employee benefits, onboarding, and compliance in one central location. The Ease solution makes the process of communicating, managing, and enrolling your employee benefits easy. All group administrators should receive a welcome email prior to your group’s Open Enrollment date welcoming you to your portal. Please note every group has their own unique URL and no two companies are the same. If you have yet to receive your URL, please reach out to Michael Rubenstein.


Below you will find a list of helpful videos to best administer your benefits. If you have questions regarding your Ease account at any point, please click here to set up a 15 minute Ease Q&A call with Franchise Benefit Solutions. For further assistance, please reference the “Support” button in your Ease portal under the settings icon.

Video Series (Recommended for all new clients):

Click below.

Beginning Open Enrollment:

Your group will receive welcome emails sent by our office on the first morning of your group’s Open Enrollment — no need to worry! Employees will also receive an automated reminder email if they’ve yet to finish their enrollment with 3 days remaining. After the initial Open Enrollment, it is the group administrators responsibility to send logins.