Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can be covered?

All employees who you designate as eligible can be covered. In addition to covering themselves, eligible employees may also choose dependent coverage under all plans. Eligible dependents are the employee’s lawful spouse and their children through age 25, or through any age if handicapped and unable to earn a living. Employees are NOT able to cover parents.

When does coverage begin and end?

If the completed enrollment is received by the applicable cut-off date shown in this guide, coverage begins on the first day of the month following their probationary period, provided they are eligible, and the required premium has been paid. Coverage for all of their benefits under the program will end if (1) the required premiums are not paid; (2) they are no longer an eligible employee; (3) the insurance policies terminate; or (4) they enter an Armed Service on full-time active duty.

When does dependent coverage begin and end?

The dependents’ coverage begins when an employee’s coverage begins, unless they enroll them later due to a life event change. If that happens, dependent coverage will become effective after the written enrollment is approved and the premiums have been paid. Dependent coverage ends when the employee’s coverage ends or when the dependent is no longer eligible.

If an employee declines to enroll when first eligible, under what circumstances will that employee be allowed to apply for coverage?

An eligible employee may only apply for coverage during an open enrollment period, or in the event of any Qualifying Life Event such as divorce, legal separation or death, marriage, birth or adoption of a dependent.

Is there an alternative to the online enrollment?

We are no longer accepting paper applications or enrollments in order to streamline business. If you need assistance with the online enrollment, please reach out to our office for guidance and assistance.

What about coverage ID cards? When will an employee get them?

After an employee has been enrolled, ID cards will be processed and uploaded to the employees Documents folder in Ease. Please note the timeframe of ID Cards uploaded can vary, but typically please allow for 3-5 business days.

Can employees get premiums back if they change their mind?


What do I do when I hire a new employee?

When onboarding the new employee, add the employee and their personal information to Ease. After that, send the employee their login by clicking on the “Login” tab and click Send. The employee will be able to then review all benefit options available to them.

Do I have to contribute to the cost of the plans?

No. You should contribute if your business is financially stable to do so. While we encourage employer contributions as a way to increase benefits or reduce the cost to employees, contributions are not required unless specified in the employer guide.